Create and send your own newsletters or news page. Add news from several rss sources and even items from your own web shop. No HTML knowledge required and extremely easy to set up.

Drag & drop

With the content manager you are able to choose one of the content blocks and drag it into your email. By simply clicking on a block you can fill it's content.


Create Newsletters

With this feature you can create your own newsletter with just a few clicks based on the template you’ve picked. You can add news articles from our exclusive news database simply by selecting them. These news items then will then be moved in to your newsletter. You can also add content from your own articles.

Content selector

Our unique content selector is a feature which is built in our newsletters and news pages. With this selector your are able to simply add news articles from our database by clicking the news article you wish. No technical knowledge required.

Text Editor

With our text editor it is extremely easy to amend your text. You don't have to worry about different fonts and styles. We let the template take care of this to ensure the newsletters stays clean and not have contradicting fonts used in the same newsletter.

Customer management

Customer management provides you with the following options:

  • circle
    Add, edit and delete a customer
  • circle
    Add, edit and delete a customer subscriber groups
  • circle
    Upload your subscriber list with import wizard.
  • circle
    Export your subscriber list

News resources with with RSS feed

If you’d like to feature your own unique news articles from a website or web shop then you will really like our unique RSS integration tool. We even made it possible to add several sources. This only needs to be set up once and after that you can use our content selector tool to add any article you want in your newsletter. This makes is extremely easy to create a newsletter using offers you have on your webshops.


Automatic 'read more' page

Short texts are easier to read. We know that from statistics and we use that information to make the newsletter easier to read. A read more page will be automatically generated. The application adds a link or a button to your newsletter, the number of characters after which the link should be displayed is set.


We made it very easy to create specific groups within your subscriber list. This way you can be assured that your email is going to the right subscribers.


It is possible to link Google Analytics in your campaign. This gives a unique way to track the relationships that go to your website through your newsletter. You can see who, when and how long somebody has been on which page. And that's interesting sales information.

Portal application

Do you want to serve your customers entirely in your own style? You can do this with the portal function. The portal can connect accounts and take mailings made from another account while retaining their own identity. This feature is very useful in the situation of headquarters with secondary offices / agents who want to prepare mailings.

Social media

Spread the love! With this handy tool is easy to integrate your social media in to your newsletters. This can give your newsletters a massive boost.



Email campaigns are useless if you don’t know the statistics. MyBizzmail will show you extensive reports including: opened mails, clicks, bounces and unsubscribed members.

Web based

MyBizzmail is a web based solution (SaaS), no need to install any software and accessible on any computer with internet no matter where you are.


There is no training required! We really made it that simple and to make sure we provide all the assistance you need, we created a useful help function in every tool.

Try if for free for 30 days

Email marketing gives you the most results. The best moment to start with that was when you started working, the second best moment to get started is right now! So what are you waiting for? Mybizzmail is an excellent program if you want to make your mailings yourself. We will assist you in setting up your first mailing. Try it for free and completely without obligations.